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ONE OF THE BEST FACIAL AND BODY SCRUB TO MAKE YOUR SKIN SMOOTH. Spa salt, coffee scrub with vitamins and many skin foods that will make your skin smooth and beautiful. Blended with coffee grounds Helps to remove dirt from the skin. Exfoliating old skin cells for beautiful, bright, and healthy skin from scrubs that stimulate blood circulation. Other than that, we don't forget to add vitamin E. And olive oil for moisturizing after scrubbing. Properties - Coffee grounds have excellent exfoliating properties. -Licorice Extract helps to brighten the skin. - Collagen nourishes the skin to be smooth, bright and slows down wrinkles first. Age - Vitamin E helps restore skin to be smooth. And slow down the aging process. - Vitamin B3 helps eliminate old skin cells causing dark skin. To brighten skin Soft, moist

Yoko Gold COFFEE Salt Scrub Skin Bright White Moisture Smooth Healthy Skin 280g.

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