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Vikil 20 (250ml)
Vikil-20 is a mixture of Natural Herbs (herbals) for Immune System Support and General Well-Being.

Active ingredients
Khaya senegalensis,
Azadirachta indica,
Vernonia amygdalina

Immune system support and general well-being
Not recommended for pregnant women, lactating mothers and children under 12 years.
Children (12yrs and above)
One tablespoonful
Three times daily (15ml)


VIKIL-20 the ultimate immune support for general well being.

VIKIL-20 is made from 100% herbs known for supporting the immune system to fight diseases and infections 

Made of 100% herbs
Boost Your Immunity.
Combat Your Exhaustion.
Ease Your Hangover.
Enhance Athletic Performance.
Fight Your Fatigue.
Improve Your Digestion.
Increase Your Energy.
Strengthen your immune to fight diseases






Joy Vikil - 20 for Immune System Support & General Well-Being (250 mL)

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