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Aloe Ferrox-Aloe Ferox is natative to Africa. Its roots go 90 feet deep into the soil so Aloe Ferox is very nutritious.  The Aloe Ferox plant yields two different saps. Aloe bitters, drained from the cut leaves, is used primarily for its laxative properties. The aloe gel, extracted from the inner portion of the leaves, is used in health drinks and for skin care. The other sap is very bitter and used in creating bitter crystals. Aloe Ferox is used to purge the intestines and stimulate bowel movements. 
Aloe Ferox Bitters contain plant chemicls that:
- are bacteria, virus and parasite unfriendly
- help diminish pain
- benefit an anti-inflamatory action
- help support detoxification and disinfection
- help maintain regular bowel movement by helping in digestion

Aloes Powered herb is used to attract love, sprinkle around bedroom. If your loved one is away burn this herb with any love or protection incense you can get to keep that person protected and helps to bring your loved one back safely.


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