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Huichun Capsules targets prostate related ailments in men and helps in the treatment of urinary tract illnesses.

One of the best and can be used for Prostatis related illness alike..

$50.00 for 15-days supply. (10- Capsules per day) it works, try one and thank me later.



Prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system that produces fluid for semen, which helps to transport sperm during male orgasm. Its a walnut like gland that surrounds the urethra, the tube through which urine passes out of the body. The prostate gland is located in front of the rectum and just below the bladder.


  • It produces a fluid which adds up to the total semen required during the male climax.
  • The fluid helps the sperm flow or move through the urethra very easily during ejaculation into the vagina.
  • It also helps in neutralizing the acidity in both the male and female genital organ, that is, vagina and the urethra for healthy sperm flow.
  • The fluid also energizes the sperm to move very fast during ejaculation.
  • The fluid also helps in penetration during sexual intercourse.
  • The gland regulates urine flow.
  • Losing erection quicker after orgasm
  • An increase amount of time it takes to get another erection
  • Inability to maintain an erection throughout intercourse


  • Acute Bacterial Prostatitis: It is caused by bacteria which come with fever and chill also pain in the lower back, burning or pain during urination.
  • Chronic (non bacterial) Prostatitis: This is not caused by bacteria but symptoms are similar to acute bacteria prostatitis. These symptoms are mild but can last longer.
  • A symptomatic Inflammatory Prostatities: Inflammation of the prostrate for which the cause of the inflammation is not yet known.
  • B. P. H; Benigh Prostatic Hyperplasis / Hypertrophy: Is the enlargement of the prostrate, frequently occurring in men over the age of 40. The enlargement can result in a gradual squeezing of the urethra, which can cause symptoms such as: inability to urinate, frequent urination, pain and burning sensations, weak urinary stream, etc.
  • Prostate Cancer: This Is the abnormal growth of cells in a prostrate, characterized by a dull, deep pain in lower back, loss of weight and appetite, fatigue. nausea and vomiting


It is the result of an increase in the number of cells in the prostate gland.



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