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VIGORTON 2: is formulated to provide two kinds of iron equivalent to 30mg of elemental iron in combination four essential daily vitamins. VIGORTON 2: builds strength and vitality VIGORTON 2: is recommended as a general tonic for adults and children above the age of twelve. Formula Each tablespoonful (15 ml) contains: Iron Pyrophosphate 157.05 mg Iron Polysaccharide 33.75 mg Vitamin B2 3.15 mg Vitamin B6 .48 mg Vitamin B12 1.44 mg Niacinamide 22.45 mg Caffeine 45.0 mg Alcohol 10.0% v/v KEEP THIS AND ALL MEDICINES OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN PRODUCT OF JAMAICA SHIP STRAIGHT FROM JAMAICA

Vigorton 2 Iron & Vitamin Tonic (230 ml)

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