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What Is COA Mixture?

COA Mixture is a pure ORGANIC medicine which BIOENERGISES, REJUVENATES, and HARMONISES the immunological cells. It is herbal medicine for General well-being, hence can be taken whether you are sick or not.

COA Mixture can also be taken to SUPPORT the treatment of any sickness, disease, or infection. COA Mixture is brewed and distilled at high temperatures, hence its unique colorless feature.


What Are The Benefits Of Using
COA Mixture

The use of COA Mixture helps strengthen the immune system to resist any attack from foreign and damaging organisms like viruses, bacteria, and parasites. For already compromised immune systems, it strengthens them to withstand and fight to restore your immunity.
COA Mixture supports the treatment of any other disease.

Taking COA Mixture daily gives you the following;

Immune Support

Strong Bones

Improved Heart Health , Strong Teeth, Improved Brain Health, Improved Muscle Health

A study conducted on COA FS at the School of Pharmacy, KwaZulu Natal University, South Africa, revealed in a  preliminary phytochemicals screening that one hundred and sixty one (161) organic compounds in the ingredients of COA FS, including;

All the 161 phytochemicals found in COA FS have amazing health benefits so when one takes 10 mL of COA FS one benefits from 161 natural health compounds which the body needs to sustain the immune system.

Health benefits of the 161 phytochemicals found in COA FS are amazing. They include;


  • Lowering of plasma cholesterol levels in humans
  • Anti-carcinogenic activity
  • Inhibitory effect on infectivity of HIV in-vitro
  • Protects the liver from injury


  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiviral
  • Emetic
  • Insecticidal


Regular intake of flavonoids reduce the risk of a number of chronic diseases including Cancer, Cardio-vascular disease (CVD), Asthma, Neuro-degenerative disorders and protects the brain.


  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Decrease the serum lipid level
  • Produce liver necrosis
  • Modulate immune responses


  • Alleviates pains and inflammation
  • Reduces stress level and anxiety
  • Kills bacteria and improves cognitive functioning
  • Treats gastric reflux and ulcers
  • Inhibits cancer growth
  • Reduces risk of heart disease
  • Has anti-viral activity against HIV, Hepatitis’s and Herpes
  • Reduces blood sugar
  • Controls blood pressure

Only five (5) out of the one hundred and sixty one (161) Phytochemicals in COA FS which have been listed above have proven to have amazing health benefits. The remaining 156 organic compounds are also of great health benefits to the Human Body.  These compounds support the immune system to naturally prevent and treat many chronic diseases.

COA FS is the immune Booster everybody needs for a good health and general wellbeing.

Volume of Each bottle of COA MIXTURE (Formerly COA FS) is 250 mL = 25 Table Spoons

Taking for General Wellbeing: One (1) Bottle Will Last 12 Days

Taking To Support Treatment: One (1) Bottle Will Last 6 Days


For General Wellbeing; Take 10 mL i.e. One (1) tablespoon of COA MIXTURE into 50 mL i.e. Five (5) tablespoon of warm water Morning & Evening One (1) hour before meals.

To Support Treatment; Take 20 mL i.e. Two (2)  tablespoon of COA MIXTURE into 50 mL i.e. Five (5) tablespoon of warm water Morning & Evening One (1) hour before meals.

WARNING: Children under 12 yrs, breastfeeding and pregnant mothers should consult a physician before using COA MIXTURE.


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