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Amenazel Power Bitters Black Seed Organic Detox 16oz

Lose Weight And Heal Body Naturally

This unique combination made with Black Seed is very powerful to promote good health and fight diseases in the body. For over 2000 years Black Seed has been traditionally used by various cultures throughout the world as a natural remedy for several diseases and to improve health in general.

This original formula works as a powerful weight loss product and its healing combination has proven to prevent and heal many illnesses in the body such as diabetes, hypertension, hemorrhoids, flatulence(gas), bloating, infertility in men and women, low sperm count, piles, fatigue, depression, skin diseases, body itching, abdominal discomfort, bowel movement, menstrual cramps and vaginal disorders. It cleanses the colon and regulate the inflammation level increase circulation for healthy looking skin and body function

AmenazelPower Bitters 16oz

SKU : 509
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